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Still Hopelessly In Love...

...with Love itself.

sK(p2)y F thorax
12 April 1984
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 never to be
  ashamed if anything you do
       or say is published
        around the world -
     even if
   what is published
    is not true."

-Richard Bach,
7068073 421, 8 foot ziploc bags, androgyny, ass pants, astrology, babies on spikes, baby doll shirts, being a mall rat, being an action transvestite, being aryan for christmas, being random, being sexy, being straight edge, being the creepyest, black food coloring, brown noise, brownies, cannibals, cardboard body kits, chasing squirrels, climbing trees, codpieces, coffee at sharis, coloring books, communism, cuddles, cute bald chicks, dance dance revolution, dead baby jokes, donating blood, double tracked vocals, drooling, ducks, electroclash, endorphins, eunuchs, evil plans, fae bitches, faking accents, fisting kittens, fork catapults, freestlye walking, fucking your sister, gas masks, gematria, geoff; god of biscuts, gigantic mini muffins, girls in eyeliner, girls without makeup, glitchcore, haikus, having 131 interests, having bitches, having my eyeball licked, heroin, hot bricks, juice concentrate, killing sperm with bass, lame stuff, liberty spikes, lube, magic hair, making out, mall angels, mangos, me, mean caricatures, meet the feebles, milk, movies about transvestites, mr. t, music, my abs, naked dance parties, naming my clothes, numerology, opopanax, pale skin, pants, paper tetris, people without faces, personal idiosyncracies, pez, photoshop, pierced nipples, pink milk, pink noise, pixy chicks, placenta, plaid, playing dress up, pointless beeping, posers, raiden fighters jet, random dancing, retarded shit, robots filled with venom, rough sex, satanic yoda dolls, seattle, sell outs, silver clothes, skinning stuffed animals, skipping, sleep deprivation, smelling good, songs about transvestites, space monkeys, spines, squirrels with flutes, steam rooms, strawberry lemonade, surround sound, sushi, synaesthesia, tartan, the full moon, the mall, the sun, the § symbol, thrust muscles, tight clothes, touching it, transvestitism, urban exploration, vagina crackers, vaylen the toucher king, violins, walls, white noise,